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Hannah Smotherman-Sabata
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United States
Completly self-taught in art and I take pride in it. I am not a "fake" artist. I will not take classes, not because of pride, but because I don't need them. Art is an expression, and I don't need anyone to tell me how to express myself. Anway, born and raised in Nebraska, USA, and I have certainly have been through a lot. Plenty of youth mental and behavioral institutions for the stupidest things. I attempted suicide at 14 and got locked up for it. I went to Boys Town and ran away. Wandered around Omaha in the snow for a while when someone finally allowed me to stay with them and I lost my virginity to rape. Yes, rape. Big black dick. A few months later after I started sleeping around, I contracted HIV. (I was 17 years old.) The douchebag who gave me the disease is PATRICK FONFARA. He's 11 years older than me and works at carnivals. I learned me lesson: don't sleep around. I later found my husband Cory. He knew I had HIV because I don't hide my status from anyone like Douchbag Pat. We later got married and I got pregnant. A month after I got pregnant he got sent to prison. While he was away, I had my son, Augustus Earl, HE IS HIV NEGATIVE HALLELUJAH! but regardless I got him taken away for neglect even though I never got to take him home and I got charged in the hospital for it....because I stopped taking my HIV meds during my 7th month. Call it neglect but women who have abortions don't get charged with murder. Also womenn smoke and drink during their pregnancies and don't get charged for abuse. Plus, legally, the fetus isn't even a fucking baby yet. Not that I don't care about my son OH MY GOD getting him taken away has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me and the fact that it was for a bullshit reason fucking makes it worse. And people wonder why I'm so bitter towards The Government. Like, there's kids ACTUALLY being abused and neglected out there, and they pick on an HIV positive 18 year old for stopping taking her medicines?? For real?? The medicine made me sick. Not that it's an excuse. Like don't I have enough to deal with? My husbands in fucking prison! I go home from the hospital with NOTHING. Jesus and no one has sympathy. Anyway, sorry about that, that is a major sore spot...anyway....I went to college but I quit for a bit because I got into partying. Right now I'm looking for a job and have a job interview tomorrow :) But my husband has gone back to jail....we are separated because we are different people. Now I'm with my boyfriend. I love him. But that's my life so far. I try to be the best person I can be :) I'm at this moment 19 years old.

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Rustypanther Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You are my hero!
skyktty Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
:O Wow its the girl who posted the youtube video after robbing a bank!!! XD you are >.> About as bright as a sack of dildoes lol
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BeansWithJelly Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
WELLLCOME TO DEVIANTART! Thanks for the fave! :tighthug:

Your gallery is stunning, by the way. :)
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